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Using ExFormDesigner (‘CP-Tools’ tab)  allows you to easy analyze project data spending minimal time. Once created report reloads data from other projects leaving the same analytical sense. It is closer to the Visual Reports in MS Project but more flexible and ‘self-sufficient’. 

 After instating Construction project the ‘Report’ report-schema has been created in ExForm Designer. You may copy one (Copy Schema) and create reports for your typical "non-construction" projects. Report sample contains PivotTables on several Excel sheets showing:

  • -          Tasks and assigned resources Work, Cost (baselined, actual, planned) in compact view over the time. Filtering\Sorting\Grouping etc are available because of PivotTable native functionality  
    -          Resource and task  Works, Costs (baselined, actual, planned) in the same way as above.
  • -          Resource Usage parameters with unusual but important ‘maximum day-consumption’ value
  • -          Gantt –style MS Excel view for tasks. Just for fun, but customers often use it.
  • -          EVM diagram with EV, PV, AC data from project  

Modify ‘Report’ and corresponding Excel template (read ReadMe sheet of report) to get what you exactly need. Please,  use Export-Import bottoms on ExForm  Designer to backup schemas and for copying schemas between computers.

More powerful reports are used for Construction projects (C-Projects) analysis. Sample of C-project and report examples can be loaded form ‘Start Page’ (‘CP-Construction‘ tab).