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Construction Project

Extends Microsoft Project capabilities by allowing project management professionals (and not MS Project specialists) to quickly plan, control and manage changes to complex, large-scale projects (including construction). The idea is to enable "easy" modeling, that is, changing any parameter (for example, task Physical Volume)  leads to the correct change of all other logically related parameters (eg duration, cost, profitability of tasks and project))

Construction Project features:

  • Planning of Physical Volumes (FV), norms, performance and duration of tasks. Automated use of templates with typical task sets while planning.
  • Loading construction works from "SMETA" systems (Ukraine/Russia/Kazakhstan/Belarus' specific software for construction cost management).
  • Management of the (IN) and (OUT) costs of the project based on resource (and tasks) IN/OUT unit rates. A complete picture of the INcome and OUTcome costs of planned, completed, approved works from different views (by Contractors, Suppliers, Contracts, etc.). Monitoring the project gross margin any time.
  • Different tasks for the work performed by the Contractors and the procurements/leasing of materials/equipment from the Suppliers. Maintaining balances on works and procurements in time.
    The ability to optimize procurements  to reduce storage costs and avoid shortages and cost overruns.
  • Creating an optimal payment schedule at the planning stage. Avoiding cash gaps, optimal loan planning, etc. Easy, quick change of payment schedules for Contractors/Suppliers, depending on the progress of their work.
  • On project execution - an automatic collection of actuals using MS Excel exchange forms filled in by responsible persons assigned (works like getting actuals in Project Server/Project Online but using Excel only).
  • Powerful analytic and detailed reporting (in the Pivot tables/diagrams of MS Excel, Power BI) of project progress, status and forecast within slicing/dicing in any combinations required.


Install Construction Project from here .