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An important element of project management routin is to obtain project task progress. Distribution of tasks to assigned resources and getting back actuals (time sheets / reports) from them is common workflow. 

  • actual timesheet filled by the assigned resource or supervisor (person in charge).
  • project manager approves timesheet .

The Construction Project allows you to collect actuals automaticaly in MS Project. Technically, the scenarios looks like:

  • You specify shared folder (cloud or file server) where supervisor (or assigned resources) is accessing to.
  • To distribute tasks (generate timesheets) click Publish on rquired ExForm in the “ExForm Designer”. For each supervisor a subfolder is created in folder above and MS Excel 'timesheet" will be saved in. Supervisor has to get write access to “own” subfolder (this is done once for each supervisor\resource by admin)
  • Periodically (for example, once or twice a week), supervisors\resource fills out the acuals of wok done in Execl timesheets.
  • After filling out by supervisors (usually the next day) - project manager opens project in MS Project, goes to the "ExForm Manager" to see actuals entered and approves (or does not aproove) one. The project is updated automatically after approving.